This physical Dogecoin can be used as an offline storage device for cryptocurrency addresses, passwords, and more. The embedded NFC microchip can be quickly and easily written and read on any compatible NFC-enabled smartphone. This is a great way to store your cryptocurrency offline.

The coin uses NFC technology to communicate with your smartphone. You just scan it with an app on your smartphone to read and write text information and more. For example, you can use your Walletcoin to store a Dogecoin address, and when you want to send someone money you just scan your coin to retrieve your address and send the money to the address using your preferred cryptocurrency application. NFC is short for Near Field Communication. With NFC, you can only read and write with an NFC-enabled smartphone nearby. So, if you're using a wallet like this to store information like passwords and private keys, you don't have to worry about anyone else reading that information. But treat this like you would treat a wallet filled with cash. If you lose your wallet, your offline information cannot be replaced or retrieved.

It's very simple to write information to the Walletcoin. The first thing is to download an NFC app such as Smart NFC Tools or NFC Tools. Simply use the "Write" function to add a new text record. This is where you will enter any text information you would like to keep secure. Then press Write and place your coin over your smartphone's NFC reader. Keep in mind that Walletcoin uses the same technology as contactless credit cards and it works best at a distance of 3 to 10 cm. So, it's important to place the coin directly over the NFC-reader when writing or reading information. Now, you can simply scan your coin to retrieve any text information you have saved on it. You can write as many records as you like (Up to 462 bytes), and you can also delete records you no longer need. So, that's the basics of how to use a Walletcoin. It's a great way to keep your cryptocurrency keys, passwords, or other information safe and secure, right at your fingertips. One major recommendation is to ALWAYS write down or back up your information on multiple devices, especially cryptocurrency addresses and private keys. This coin cannot be replaced and your information cannot be retrieved as it is completely offline. If you're HODLing Dogecoin, you might as well HODL on this Dogecoin.